We build the digital ecosystem of the future in the construction and real estate industry

The construction and real estate industry possesses the biggest asset class

3.5 m




8 tn €

net asset value of buildings

600 bn €

value generated annually

3.9 bn m²

of living space

Our mission

The built environment will continue to change rapidly and the construction & real estate industry is facing immense challenges.

We are certain that the world of tomorrow will be a whole different one in terms of how we perceive the built environment, as well as how we create and manage them. Digital technologies and innovation are the central factors in overcoming immense challenges. Our mission is to build the digital ecosystem of the future and hereby we co-found and invest in PropTechs and ConTechs.


What are the transformation drivers?

Ecological requirements

Ever-increasing sustainability requirements and regulatory changes in the construction and real estate industry.

Customer First

New ways of living and changing tenant needs are forcing a shift in the mindset and tenants are to be perceived as customers.

Digital business models

The use of new technologies enables the successful implementation of novel and digital business models.

We bring founders into the spotlight and enable long-term growth with smart money

Capital for seed and growth phase

We invest early with conviction in you as a founder with disruptive business models possessing exceptional growth prospects. Our ecosystem is the optimal environment to turn your idea into a business model with real impact on the market.

Market know-how

We are experts in the construction and real estate industry and our investments are based on our broad and deep understanding of the market and customers. We develop strong hypotheses regarding the future and back them up with our profound knowledge.

Strategic & operational support

Our team has comprehensive entrepreneurial experience in building and scaling up companies. We can also support you operationally and bolster in building a powerful team, so that you can truly kick-start your business.

Ecosystem with tremendous synergy potentials

We have strong partners for long-term growth and we offer access to decision makers in the construction and real estate industry as well as to other investors.

We are an interdisciplinary team of founders, industry experts, marketeers and company builders

The real PACE ecosystem incorporates the strengths of both startups and corporates

Access to the relevant decision makers in the industry
Innovation, agility and digital excellence
Strong synergy potential for long-term growth
Broad network and deep understanding of the industry
Integrated approach towards solutions overisolated ones
Entrepreneurial support

real PACE as a partner

We assist you and your company in the construction and real estate industry to secure future success by providing access to a qualified deal flow as well as to promising business models & growth drivers of tomorrow.

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